Hebei is clear today.PA screenStrong ultraviolet ray!Thunderstorms will be frequent next week.!

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(Original title:Hebei is clear today."PA screen"Strong ultraviolet ray!Thunderstorms will be frequent next week.!)

Today's friends must have been swept by the blue sky?!Beibei also thinks the sky today is really beautiful.!come,Let's enjoy it together,Chengde today,Little Potala Palace~

(Picture source:@Mcdullmini)It is expected to arrive 信誉的澳洲幸运10群 at night this afternoon.,All parts of our province are still sunny singing the leading role.,Around noon there was bright sunshine.,The highest temperature will rise to around29~33℃Between.After all, is still in the dog days,"Heat"He will always be with us.,And ultraviolet rays are very strong,Going out to Langrige,Pay attention to sun protection and frequent hydration~


Thunderstorms will be frequent next week.TomorrowDuring the day,Cloud cover will increase in our province.,It is mainly sunny with many clouds.From tomorrow night onwards24day,It's raining heavily in our province.

The specific forecast for the coming week is for the daytime tomorrow.,zhangjiakou、chengteh、Western Baoding、In the west of Shijiazhuang, the weather turned sunny to cloudy and overcast.,There are many clouds and clear skies in other areas.Arrive tomorrow night.20day,South Qinhuangdao、Southern Tangshan、Eastern Cangzhou、East Hengshui、Eastern Xingtai、Cloudy to overcast in eastern Handan,There are showers or thunderstorms in other areas,Zhangjiakou、Western Chengde、North Langfang、Baoding、xiong'an new area、There is moderate to heavy rain in the west of Shijiazhuang.20Arrive day and night21day,The northeast and south regions are overcast with showers or thunderstorms turning cloudy.,Cloudy to cloudy in other areas.22day,There are many clouds and clear skies in the southern region.,Cloudy weather in other areas.23-24day,Cloudy weather turned cloudy all over the province.,Thunderstorms or showers occur in most areas.,There is moderate rain in the western mountainous area and the southern area.The temperature is stable next week. It is expected that next week,The temperature is relatively stable.,The highest temperature in the north remained basically at30℃Following,In the south-central region30℃Up and down.Only Handan,Two days after tomorrow,The temperature can reach34℃,The body feels warmer.

Warm Tips Meteorological Experts Remind,There will be more thunderstorms next week in our province.,Attention should be paid to the near forecast.、Early warning information,Pay Attention to Prevent Adverse Effects of Local Severe Convective Weather.At the same time,The temperature difference between day and night is large.,There is probably a difference in temperature between different places.10℃About,The elderly and infirm should pay attention to the proper adjustment of clothing.Today(8Month18day)Afternoon to night

Tomorrow(19day)Day to night

The Day After Tomorrow(20day)Day to night

(Some pictures come from the internet.)Sources of forecast:Hebei meteorological observatory2019Year8Month18day11If the time forecast needs to be reprinted,Please indicate the source:Weather in Hebei

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