Hard Nuclear Foreign Uncle Angers Hong Kong Residents in Australian Streets Robbed microphone

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(Original title:"Hardcore"Foreign Uncle Angry in Australian Streets"Hong Kong Rebels" The other party snatched the microphone.)

Overseas network8Month19Daily telegraph Recently,Adelaide, Australia has"Hong Kong Rebels"Launch a demonstration,By a foreign uncle"Angry".This uncle is from Greece,He shouted at the demonstrators in the center of the city.,"If the Chinese government cuts 加拿大28平台哪里有? off all jurisdiction and support for Hong Kong,How do you survive?You don't have those resources,You don't have water,You have nothing,No electricity,No economy,Nothing!"

The uncle criticized the demonstrators directly during the interview.,"Perhaps you want the British to return to Hong Kong?How sad,You should keep your gratitude to China.China is a very good friend of ours in Australia.,He is also a good economic partner.,We will not support you stupid people.!"

He asked,"If China cut off all its jurisdiction and support for Hong Kong,How do you survive?You don't have those resources,You don't have water,You have nothing,No electricity、No economy,Nothing!"He thinks,"Hong Kong Rebels"Not in"Save"Hong kong,It is destroying Hong Kong.


Subsequently,The foreign uncle not only shouted with the Chinese mainland students"Long live China.",He also reprimanded the demonstrators."What a shame you are".

He picked up the microphone prepared by the demonstrators.,Rebuke"You have violated the laws of your country.,You sabotaged、Destroy,Causing Hong Kong's Economic Stagnation,This is wrong,What you did is contrary to what you said.,I don't think what you have done is fighting for the so-called'Democracy'".

Hearing this foreign uncle's remarks was all against himself.,The demonstrators rushed forward and forcibly robbed the microphone.,This also makes uncle angry rhetorical question,"加拿大28群是真的吗?This is what you said'Democracy'?"

Near future,"Hong Kong Rebels"It is not uncommon for people to get a rebuff.

the other day,Hong kong"Men in Black"Without the approval of the police,Illegal assembly at Hong Kong International Airport,Obstructing passengers from boarding the plane.An annoying uncle from Australia"Hard and firm"Protesters said,"It is universally acknowledged that Hong Kong belongs to China.,You should find a job.!"He was disgusted with the demonstrators' throwing Molotov cocktails and stones everywhere.,"I think you should thank the Hong Kong police very much.,They have exercised great restraint in this way of handling the matter.".

In addition,A photo of a woman in red carrying a suitcase over the demonstrators also caused widespread concern and discussion.,Singapore media reports,The woman in red was namedJesline Teo,She had finished boarding the plane and wanted to enter the customs at once.,However, I didn't expect there was already a large number of demonstrators wearing masks sitting quietly at the exit.,She just wants to go home,No reinforcements in front of a person,There is no retreat.,Feel parched with thirst,Fear in one's heart."So the heart a horizontal…In this way, there were photos and videos that went viral on the Internet."

8Month14day,Jesline TeoSwap your social networking avatar with a picture of yourself lifting a suitcase at the Hong Kong airport.,And attach an article to the photo.:"I want to go Home. Hong Kong kids should go Home too!!!"(I want to go home.,Children in Hong Kong should also go home.!)

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