Highest114Yuan Hongbao is haunting,Tied cards are available for collection.!

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Small plait hands a shake

114Yuan red envelope has been obtained

The most practical in history


Lunch time,Give me a red envelope

【Red envelopes for lunch】PayPal Ties the Highest CCB Card16Element~

The cell phone is down.,Give me a red envelope

【Telephone bill gift package】Jingdong tied up the CCB card10Yuan telephone bill gift bag~

Tea time to,Give me a red envelope

【Afternoon tea red packets】Meituan Tied CCB Card88Yuan red envelope~

Three kinds of red envelope benefits

Respectively at


You can enjoy it by binding the CCB card.

Red envelopes for lunch

China Construction Bank Card Binds Alipay with One Button

Highest available16Yuan red envelope!

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※ From now on2019Year9Month6day,Alipay Successfully Binds CCB Credit Card for the First Time,Get it10Yuan CCB Credit Card Alipay Consumption Red Packets;Alipay Successfully Binds CCB Savings Card for the First Time,Get it6Yuan CCB Savings Card Alipay Consumption Red Packets.Red envelopes are limited to users spending online or offline at Alipay,Use Alipay and choose CCB Credit Card Savings Card for deduction.

1.Maximum credit cards available to the same user、One red envelope for each savings card.The same Alipay account、Same ID number、If the same mobile phone number and terminal equipment meet any of the conditions, they are regarded as the same user.After the card is tied successfully,Red envelopes are automatically distributed to users' Alipay accounts,Details can be found at AlipayAPP—Check in the card pack.The number of activities is limited.,First come first served.,When it is finished, it will stop.

2.The red envelope is limited to users spending online or offline at Alipay,Use Alipay and choose CCB Credit Card or Debit Card(The actual scope of use shall be subject to the deduction of red envelopes.).6Yuan savings card consumption red envelopes,Actual amount to be paid>6Yuan and choose CCB savings card can be used;10Yuan credit card consumption red envelope,Actual amount to be paid>10Yuan and choose CCB credit card before use.

3.The red envelope is valid from the time it is obtained.5Effective within days(Please pay attention to the specific validity period information of the red envelope on the red envelope details page.),Red envelopes cannot be separated.,No cash withdrawal、Unable to transfer、No payment for others,Expired automatically invalidated,Not available,At the same time will not be reissued.

4.Red envelopes are restricted to real-name authentication users,Users without real name authentication can use the red envelope after completing Alipay real name authentication.A refund occurred in the repayment transaction using red envelopes.,And the red envelope is still valid,You can return a red envelope.;If the red envelope has expired when the refund occurs,The amount of the red envelope cannot be returned,Nor will it be reissued.

5.In action,If users violate national laws and regulations、《Alipay service agreement》And the behavior of the rules of this activity or participation by abnormal means(Including but not limited to the implementation of malicious registration、Embezzlement or fraudulent use of other people's information to participate in activities,Or other deemed infringement of Alipay、The rights and interests of other users or any third party, etc.),Will be disqualified from user activities and will be investigated for legal responsibility.

6. To the extent permitted by law,China Construction Bank Retains Adjustment、The right to suspend or cancel this activity,Through relevant channels(Such as CCB website、Mobile banking、WeChat Public Number, etc)Effective after announcement.

Telephone bill gift package

China Construction Bank Card Binds Jingdong with One Button

Stand up10Yuan telephone bill gift bag!

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1.This activity is only available to cardholders who have not previously paid with a China Construction Bank card in JD.com.

2.During the activity,Cardholder Pass"China construction bank"Mobile bankingAPPSpecified Activity Portal for Publishing,It can be obtained after the first successful payment binding in JD.com.10Yuan Jingdong Pay Telephone Fee Gift Package.The gift package will be automatically issued to the JD.com account corresponding to the card.Users can use JD.com.APPMy .Coupon or Jingdong FinanceAPPIHead portrait in upper left cornerCoupon(Jingdong financeAPPVersionV5.2.32)To view.The contents of the specific gift package、The validity period and usage rules shall be subject to the issuance by Jingdong.

3.The same user can only participate in this activity once.,Same phone number、ID number、Jingdong account、Bank card number、Information related to user identity such as terminal equipment,Wherein any one or more items are the same、Similar or unreal and effective, etc.,They may all be identified as the same user.,According to the same user in the marketing campaign rules.

4.For example, users make profits or illegally make profits by participating in marketing activities or using preferential rights obtained by marketing tools,Or JD.com has reasonable grounds to suspect that users have improperly used preferential tools or preferential rights,Jingdong payment will disqualify users from participating,And has the right to cancel the relevant illegal transactions、Withdrawal of preferential rights(Including used and unused),If necessary, the legal responsibility of users will be investigated.

5.If the user once existed、Appeared or reasonably suspected of violating the principle of good faith through Jingdong's payment.,Users may face the possibility of not being able to obtain/Use of preferential rights、Available only/The use of some preferential rights,If necessary, the legal responsibility of users will be investigated.,Specific as follows:(1)Participate in activities by any improper means or in violation of the principle of good faith,Such as through communication with other users、Merchants colluded with or used machines to cheat.、The act of disturbing the order of activities, such as brushing movable props or scoring points.;(2)Through any improper means or in violation of the principle of good faith to reach a deal,Such as the use of tools such as seconds kill order、Take advantage of preferential interest spread、False orders、Providing false trading information and other disturbing activities、Violations of trading rules;(3)Users lack the willingness to trade,For example, use the convenience of the refund process to achieve the purpose of obtaining preferential rights and interests,There is a large amount of refund after the transaction;(4)Other acts violating the principle of good faith.

6.Coupons obtained from this activity cannot be used at the same time as other jingdong payment discounts.,You can only enjoy one discount for the same order.,Such as meeting multiple preferential conditions at the same time,The priority is to enjoy activities of great intensity.

7.Users can use SMS、JingdongAPP、Jingdong financeAPP、Jingdong paid WeChat public number to inquire about the order discount amount,Among them, WeChat public number needs to be bound to 360buy.com account before receiving consumption and discount reminders.

8.In case of partial refund or return of the preferential order,Then refund the amount of the user's order after deducting the corresponding proportion of preferential amount.,Preferential eligibility will not be reissued subsequently.;In case of refund or return of the whole order with preferential treatment,The amount actually paid by the user will be refunded.,Preferential eligibility will not be reissued subsequently.

9.In case of force majeure or change of circumstances(Including but not limited to major disaster events、The activity needs to be stopped or adjusted upon the instruction of the government organ.、The activity suffers from serious network attack or needs to be suspended due to system failure.),China Construction Bank has the right to suspend or cancel this activity.,And can claim exemption according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

10.If the cardholder has overdue repayment during the activity period、The card has been frozen,Or other violations of the China construction bank card use regulations、Application Agreement or Relevant Business Terms,China Construction Bank has the right to disqualify itself from participating in activities at any time.

11.Jingdong will pay for the special package and after-sales service under this activity.,All disputes arising from this activity(Except for payment and settlement services for which CCB is responsible)JD.com will be responsible for handling all payments.、Solve,China Construction Bank does not assume relevant responsibilities.

12. If you have any questions about the use rules of gift bags,Please contact Jingdong Finance Online Customer Service,The path is as follows:(1)wechat public accounts:Enter"Jingdong pay"wechat public accounts【My bill】【faq】(2)Jingdong financeAPP:Enter【Jingdong financeAPP】【I】Head portrait in upper left corner—【My customer service】

Red envelopes for 手机幸运飞艇开奖记录 lunch

China Construction Bank Card Binds US League with One Button

88Yuan tie card big gift bag waiting for you to get it!

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1.This activity is limited to cardholders of China Construction Bank.

2.The discount period for this activity is from today to2019Year12Month31day,The same user is limited to one participation.

3.Activities are restricted to China Construction BankAPPOne-touch card entry,Gift bags cannot be obtained 极速赛车QQ群怎么看? by other card binding methods.In the United States, the lowest amount can be obtained if the payment binding is successful.88Yuan Meituan Discount Gift Bag,The gift package will be automatically sent to the cardholder's Meituan account.

4.The same cardholder can only participate in this activity once.,The same bank card number、Same ID number、The same US group account、Binding Cell Phone Number to the Same US Group、The same payment cell phone number、The same equipment shall be deemed as the same cardholder if it meets any of the conditions.

5.The validity period of the coupon gift package shall be subject to the validity period of each coupon.,Expired failure.

6.Vouchers and gift bags collected during the event can be found at【meituanAPP】【My 幸运飞艇人工计划群 .】【Red/Card coupon】View in,The gift bag has the lowest value.88Element,The contents of the specific gift package、The validity period and use rules shall be subject to the issuance by the US delegation.

7.Please update to the latest version of Meituan Client when using(V9.5And above),Ensure that each voucher can be used normally.

8.During the activity,If there are violations,Activities will be disqualified.

9.Refund of transaction order for customer to participate in the activity,Only part of the amount paid by the customer will be returned.,The discount amount of the coupon will not be returned to the customer.,And cannot participate in the discount again after refunding.

10.China Construction Bank only provides bank card payment service.,Goods and related services in this activity are provided by the US delegation.,Any claim arising from the quality of goods or services by the cardholder、Questions and complaints are handled and resolved by the US delegation.,US Mission Customer Service Hotline95172.

11.To the extent permitted by law,China Construction Bank has the right to amend the terms and conditions of the activity.(Including but not limited to eligibility、Activity time and reward methods, etc.)、Suspend or cancel this activity、Through relevant channels(Such as CCB website、Mobile banking、WeChat Public Number, etc)Effective after announcement.

Is red envelopes spicy?

Open CCB Mobile Banking

You can get it by binding the card with one key.


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