Heroes Go All the Way!A farewell ceremony for the remains of martyrs Lu ting was held today.

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(Original title:Hero,Break a Leg!A farewell ceremony for the remains of martyrs Lu ting 极速赛车代理怎么看? was held today.)

Huzhou Online News8Month19On the morning of the 8th7When30points,In the funeral home of Anji County, Huzhou City,Sorrow and sorrow,The atmosphere is solemn and solemn.A memorial ceremony was held here for Lü Ting, the mid-team leader of Anji Squadron of Huzhou Fire Rescue Detachment, who struggled to rescue the drowning people.


People's Guards Cast Faithful Spirits,Green Water and Castle Peak Mourn Heroes.The scene of the farewell ceremony,Lu stood up in the firefighter's blue uniform.,Covered with party flags,Lying peacefully in the coffin.

National Emergency Management Department、Zhejiang Provincial Emergency Management Department、Zhejiang Provincial Fire Brigade、Huzhou City and Anji County,fire protection、Public security、civil administration、Representative of Veterans Affairs Bureau、Lu ting's former comrades in arms、Representatives of non-governmental relief organizations also came to the funeral home.In addition,From Dipu Street, Anji County、Thousands of people from Lu ting's sacrificial site also came spontaneously.,Send Lu ting the last leg.


After the ceremony began,All mourned Lu ting's body.1minutes.The scene read a message of condolence from the emergency management department,And introduced the life story of comrade Lu ting.Comrade Lu ting was posthumously awarded first prize、Outstanding communist party members.On-site representatives and the masses bowed three times,After that, they paid their respects to the bodies one by one.,Farewell to Comrade Lu Ting's Body.At the ceremony,Everyone is in a sad mood.,Many people shed tears,With the idea of a good comrade-in-arms、Good Brother, Tears Farewell.

After the ceremony,The remains of martyrs Lu ting will be cremated,And escorted to Dongyang by special personnel,Let Heroes Return to Their Hometown.

8Month14On the afternoon of the 15th,Xitiaoxi Water Area, Heluxi Village, Anji County2Famous people fell into the water.After receiving the alarm,Huzhou City Fire Rescue Detachment Anji Brigade Anji Squadron Lieutenant Lu Ting led the rescue team.Fire officers arrived at the scene and found,Two Masses Trapped in Changyue87In the vortex in the middle area of the Mihe River surface rolling dam.Backwater Vortex Formed by Flood Discharge from Upstream Reservoir,Cause the trunk of the water to tumble、Underwater complexity,The man overboard was trapped for a long time.,Physical exhaustion,The situation is very critical.On the premise that many attempts to throw lifebuoys and to throw and erect crossing ropes were unsuccessful,Mid-team leader Lu ting led the firemen down the river after safety precautions had been taken.,With the cooperation of the local people's safety rescue team,Successfully rescued a drowning crowd.When rescuing another drowning person,Lu Ting's physical strength was severely overdrawn.,At this time, there was a sudden danger in the rescue waters.,Lu Ting and the drowning crowd were swept away by the torrent.,Lose contact.After rescue workers searched hard,8Month16day9When9points,Comrade Lu ting's body is located about downstream from the point of falling into the water.1.8Kilometres Found,the glorious death.

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