Heavy weight!Ma Yun's Prophecy Realizes,The layout of the industry will be adjusted on a large scale.,A great change involving hundreds of millions of people is about to take place.!

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Alipay:8.8During this period, the number of people who brush their faces offline hit a record high. Hangzhou people love it best"Brush your face and pay the bill."


Why?2019Annual brush face payment is a new outlet for venture capital?

as everyone knows,With this year5GSince the commercial announcement,Plus"Internet+""AIIntelligence""Cloud computing""Internet of Things"The maturity of technology such as,A New Payment Method Based on Face Recognition Technology--Brush face payment application.!On the Development of Brush Face Payment in China,Here we focus on the timeline of technology research and development and scene application.,To fully understand its evolutionary process:
? 2014Year,After five years of eye lines、vocal print、On the basis of research and development of biometric technologies such as fingerprints,Alipay has officially launched an exploration of the most important face recognition technology behind face brushing payment..
? 2015Year3Month,Hanover, GermanyITAt the fair,For the first time, Ma Yun will"Pay by brushing one's face"On the World Stage,The scene showed German Chancellor Angela Merkel to brush her face."Amoy"Gift.
Since then,Brush face payment will be out of control:

? 2017Year9Month1day,Alipay Achieves World's First Commercial Face-brushing Payment,Hangzhou KFCKProRestaurant Online Brush Face Payment;

? 2018Year1Month,WeChat andJack & JonesCooperative Face Smart Fashion Store Opens;

? 2018Year7Month,Tmall Store is officially connected"Pay by brushing one's face";

? 2018Year11Month,The World's First Hotel to Support Full Scene Face-painting Accommodation,Alibaba Future Hotel"Philippines lives in thirst"Official opening;

? 2018Year12Month,PayPal Face Brush Payment Equipment"Dragonfly"Turned out,330,000 units will be distributed every month.;

? 2019Year1Month,China's First Commercial Street to Pay for Face Brush Landing-Wuma Street, Wenzhou;

? 2019Year2Month,China's First Brush Face Payment Business Circle Landing-Xi 'an Joy City;

? 2019Year3Month,WeChat Launches Small Screen Brushing Payment Device-Frog;

? 2019Year4Month2day,Hong Kong Airport Online Brush Face Payment,Brush Face to Pay for First Exit;

? 2019Year4Month17day,PayPal Face Brush Payment Equipment"Dragonfly2.0"Release,Products、New upgrade of technology,Prices are for sale only.1999Element,Sold in two days1Ten thousand units.

With the vigorous promotion of Alipay and Wechat payments,Brush face payment has gradually become a new important growth point in the mobile payment industry.Brush face payment changes people's life at the same time,But also brings many conveniences to merchants and consumers..Obviously,Alipay and WeChat Vigorously Lay out Face-brushing and Payment Raceway,The reason is nothing more than the following:
1、Brush face payment greatly saves the user's time cost..such as,Ordinary cashier check out,10A commodity user needs56Pay in seconds,And brush face payment only need to10second.
(The picture shows Alipay's latest facial brush payment device.——Dragonfly2.0Product advantage)
2、Brush face to pay greatly saves the labor cost of merchants.The increasing labor cost in retail industry has become the biggest pain point that merchants urgently need to solve..However,,After introducing artificial intelligence face brushing equipment,A face brushing machine is equivalent to1.5A cashier counter,One day is equivalent to3Cashier.
3、The shopping experience of consumers is improved.For consumers,Brush face payment greatly solves and avoids the problem that users forget to bring their mobile phones、Embarrassment Problems such as Cell Phone Power Failure.
At present,Face recognition technology is already in use"Internet+Government affairs"The field has been widely used,More than100Users in 18 cities have completed their identity verification through Alipay, according to post-doctoral research fellow of applied science at the China Institute of Finance and Science and Lin,Brush face payment is safer and more convenient than password payment,As the threshold is further lowered,Brush face to pay or in the future3The year saw explosive growth..
Thus it can be seen,China Will Enter a New Era of Brush Face Payment!
You want to start a business,Can we seize this opportunity?,Become a winner in the next decade?

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In Alipay's newly released brush face payment device-Dragonfly2.0,Not only does the cash register efficiency improve,Brush face namely member also becomes new bright spot.Zhong You, General Manager of PayPal Industry Payment Division, said,New Dragonfly Helps Businessmen Catch Customers at Cashier's Desk for a Few Seconds,Making it from a single check-out to a multi-dimensional digital operation.

After helping the merchant to complete the connection with the customer through the member,You can also identify people through Alipay applets.、Receive a voucher、Write-off and other package operations,Provide all kinds of operation means for merchants."We will invest in the future30Billion yuan to help businesses realize digital transformation."

Small program"De-centralization" Empowering New Retail

At present, the retail industry is mainly based on offline stores.+The mode of online e-commerce is in operation, However, the retail industry is facing increasingly serious problems under this mode of operation.:

Off-line stores are difficult and costly.;

There is no fixed platform on the line.;

Traffic is on other platforms.;

No precipitation to their own users.

In order to get rid of these problems, many retailers in the retail industry,They are all looking for new ways to make changes..In many ways,At present, the most effective and attractive thing is to upgrade and change the retail mode with the help of small programs..

2017WeChat applet was born in!
It is backed by a huge flow pool.,Strong social attribute,Easy to spread
No installation required,On-the-fly,Go at once
De-centralized business model
1Accumulated over years4Billion users!
Number of small programs exceededAPPThe sum
Off-line merchants8600Ten thousand+
2018Investment doubled10Beida70calculate

Using Internet Technology to Empower Real Industries,The applet is launching a commercial revolution of online and offline integration.!

For WeChat, which has huge traffic volume,The whole ecology carries many possibilities.,Scenes on and off the line will also precipitate.、Incorporated into WeChat.

WeChat only needs to cultivate and strengthen users' usage habits of small programs.,Can open a big breakthrough in new retail,Subversion of a New Domain.

According to reports from authoritative organizations,In comprehensive activity TOP 200 In the small program of, Retail accounts for as much as 21%~24%.

WeChat applets and numerousAPPCompared with the function of,De-centralization mode is especially obvious.

So how to use the bonus of small programs to develop new retail?

Light Asset Mode Incoming Brush Face Payment Field——Privatization deployment

When the development of business gives face recognition mission、As consumers gradually recognize the habit of brushing their faces,The first wave of dividends can be earned by entrepreneurs who embrace change voluntarily.!

For ordinary entrepreneurs,Become a service provider for WeChat payment and Alipay,Official cooperation with payment giants is a shortcut,Many entrepreneurs want to seize the new business opportunities brought by brush face payment..

At present,The market is developing well.、Mobile Payment Enterprises with Healthy Business Model,Almost all of them are direct service providers of WeChat Alipay,Taking Mobile Payment as Entry,Directly provide various value-added services related to mobile payment to merchants,Especially independent deployment for merchants(Privatization deployment),Let enterprise merchants trust service providers more.,The service providers themselves are more motivated..


Brush face project Your profit model has these

Profit model1:Industry solutions

The service provider can customize the brush face payment for the demander.、Parking、Medical、Campus、Scenic spots and other solutions.

Profit model2:Production of merchant applets

At present, there are not many merchants who already own small programs.,The success rate of developing merchants is very high..At current market prices,Thousands of dollars to tens of thousands,Let's tentatively schedule5000Element.Suppose you can dock1000Home merchants,5000×1000=500Ten thousand.This does not include the cost of some feature plug-ins.

Profit model3:Official rebates(Long-term benefits)

Every merchant you sign pc28群怎么玩? up for,Wechat Payment Official Gives Refund:0.4%,Alipay Official Gives Return Run:0.4%.

For example:Catering merchants have launched a small order program.,All contracted merchants,Wechat Payment Official Gives Service Providers0.4%Rebate;You only need to sign one of them100Home merchants,According to the average daily running water in each restaurant, we will1Ten thousand yuan,So what is your income only through rebates:100Home*10000(Element)*0.4%(Rebate)*365(day)=146Ten thousand yuan/Year

Profit model4:City partner

Can recruit some city partners to jointly carry out the cause.Please note that,They still use your brand.,You can also get some cooperation expenses from the cooperation.,Suppose the cooperation cost is5Ten thousand yuan,The partners you have recruited are20position,50000×20=100Ten thousand.With their resources,You 信誉的极速赛车计划 have done business all over the country by the way..

Profit model5:Data value

Age of Data Enabling and Liquidation,Advertising service、Financial services、Value-added services and other ways,Take advertising as an example.,According to the contract200Business calculation,One-day advertising revenue100Element,So your annual data:200Home*100*365day=730Ten thousand,And the data keeps growing..

More profit models,Will be in【AIBrush face+Small Programs Enable New Retail Entrepreneurship Summit】Live announcement:

Pay by brushing one's face,We are more professional

Hangzhou Jiuxiao Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the first Alipay company in the field of mobile payment.、WeChat payment service provider provides privatized and independently deployed mature Internet technology companies,Focus on providing customers with professional mobile payment solutions.

Since its inception,Nine whistling has accumulated to more than 1000 Enterprise customers provide mobile payment technology services,Privatization Deployment for Customers,Customers can have their own brand completely.,Directly interface with WeChat Alipay official,There are no middlemen to make the difference..

For retail enterprises with brush face payment,Or entrepreneurs who want to get a brush to pay dividends for technology promotion,Jiuxiao Technology Can Provide Technical Solutions,Help customers quickly occupy the market.


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